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How to avoid a blocked drain through regular maintenance in Sydney

Maintaining a healthy drainage system and taking steps of precaution will reduce the risks of dealing with plumbing problems, especially when the weather heats up during the summertime and there's a high chance of heavy thunderstorms.

Why prevention is better than cure

Staying on top of the maintenance of your drains will help minimise future property damage which will ultimately minimise increased costs and decrease stress.

Signs of blocked drains

  • Smells or odours from drains or sinks
  • Gurgling in pipes
  • Slow to drain
  • Pavers or driveways that appear cracked or broken
  • Wet patches in yard
  • Changes in the way your toilet flushes

Blocked drains will only develop and worsen over time, the longer a drain is left the larger the risk of structural damage to your pipes. It is important to pay attention to the warning signs listed above and have a plumbing professional assess your blocked drain with the latest technology.

Why is summer a good time to clean your drains:

1. During the warmer seasons trees and bushes grow significantly which often means that their roots grow into drains and pipes, causing damage. It is important to stay on top of the condition of your drains and prevent any extensive damage.

2. As the temperature rises, drains begin to dry up and bacteria and debris can cause water to sit in your pipes and cause odours to form. This will also lead to deep blockages forming leading to costly damage to your home.

3. Heavy thunderstorms and a large amount of rainwater will cause drains to overflow if leaves and other debris have built up in the drains. Hydro-jetting can prevent these blockages.

How you will benefit from drain maintenance:

Regular servicing and paying attention to the warning signs of any plumbing or drain issue along with inspections and cleaning of your drains will prevent extensive damage that can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Periodic maintenance and upkeep of your drains will prevent future damage and limit any sudden damage to your home.

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