We guarantee your relined Super Drain will not block, crack or collapse for as long as you live in your home.

If your relined Super Drain fails we will clear, repair or replace the affected section for free.*

*To make a claim, please contact us. Our Blockage-Free Guarantee only applies to full system relines in residential properties, the original owner must be living in the home, have annual drain inspections (no cost) and be able to show proof of purchase.  All claims are verified by CCTV drain inspection with the owner being present.

If the blockage originates outside of the relined Super Drain, we are happy to help but the repair isn’t included under guarantee. In all fairness our Blockage-Free Guarantee also excludes damage caused by disturbance, earthworks, other tradies and acts of god.

This guarantee is additional reassurance by Super Drains for your peace of mind and does not detract from any rights and remedies you have under any applicable consumer law.

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